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There have been numerous open education resources (OER) projects over the years, but they tend to disappear. Just listen to Michael Caulfield. "People make things possible." he writes.  And we have such great, great people in Open Pedagogy. But institutions, they are what make these things last." And the institutional support isn't always there. "The recurring cycle of CELT and TLT center layoffs is all you need to look at to see how much of what we do is built on sand." But no - I don't agree. You can't depend on institutions. And in a sense, you don't need them. Institutions aren't what make tests and exams happen year after year. Institutions aren't what guarantee there will be course outlines and reading lists. What makes this last - the only thing that makes this last - is culture. If it becomes 'the way things are done', then it is done. We need to embed student-produced OER in the culture, not just the institution.

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