MOOCs no longer massive, still attract millions

Dhawal Shah, VentureBeat, Sept 06, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We're still waiting for 2016 data, of course, but it's hard to reconcile the 2015 data with statements that the MOOC era is over. The MOOC user base doubled in 2015. "The total number of students who signed up for at least one course had crossed 35 million — up from an estimated 16–18 million in 2014." And in 2016, the number of courses has doubled, and many of them are available as self-paced or multiple-cohort options. This means that the frenzied pace of MOOCs has slowed - the courses are smaller, and the interactivity is slowing. But that's good. More MOOCs, more students - and a strong future for open online learning.

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