Set up your live streaming encoder

Google, Aug 22, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I don't have any talks scheduled for a few months (the world has finally tired of me!) but I'm getting set up to replace Hangout on Air with YouTibe Live just in case. What I discovered is that to use YouTube Live you have to use a stand-alone video streaming application (this is really similar to the way to send live audio to Shoutcast, so I was pretty comfortable with it). From the list of applications on this page I tried xSplit, which took a but to figure out but which worked beautifully once it was up and running (the audio was beautiful; it could really take advantage of my nice audio-technic mic). If you do any webcasting, take the time to get this figured out now - you won't be able to get it running in five minutes before your webcast.

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