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According to this report, loosely based on a Facebook post (and probably this week's New York Times article) "The Summit-Facebook system, known as the 'Summit Personalized Learning Platform,' allows students to be in control of their own learning process and complete lessons at their own pace." Can Facebook learn enough about you to offer you personalized learning? Based on their advertising selection, no. But if they can peer into even more of your private data, maybe it will work (and if not, they can always feed advertisements into the system).  You can see the same story in an EdSurge article from two years ago (using the same graphics) on the use of the system in Summit's own charter schools. There's an update from edSurge from April. But read more in this week's coverage of this breaking news story from Education Dive, Business Insider, The NonProfit Quarterly Blog, Education Week (which actually charges money for this rehash), Washington Examiner, Times Higher Education. *sigh* #facepalm

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