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This is a great story that has already gone viral in India. Ulrike Reinhard is like the Euler of education, a wanderer, explorer and connector. I've been following her for many years. She is currently developing a school in India called Janwaar Castle based on skateboarding and community participation. India, as has often been observed, has a problem with male dominance, and one day about two weeks ago a young man simply reached out and started touching her "because I am a man." So she took him to the police. End of story, right? No. Reinhard gave the boy an option - instead of being changed, he could help develop a learning program "how to treat women right." There was an intense meeting with the family. Eventually they were won over. The workshop is still in planning, but she has been inundated by well-wishers from across India. Teaching through example is always powerful, and I've learned a lot here.

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