What does a CBE course look like?

Karen Yoshino, Blackboard Blog, Jun 30, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Pretty basic but if you don't set out a baseline it's hard to progress. So here's what would probably be regarded as a basic framework for competency-based courses (all quoted, as usual):

  • a welcome section and course map
  • an order to program competencies and the learner’s pathway
  • communications protocol and assistance resources
  • standard delivery model across CBE courses
  • alignment among competencies, sub-competencies, content, and assessments
  • visibility of progress

Now you could go a couple of ways here. You could say this description omits this or that, which is fair enough. Or alternatively you could ask what problem is solved by this framework as opposed to some other. This is where I lean - it's an awful lot of overhead to reach results that could have been obtained without that overhead.

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