Towards the new caste system: looking back at The New Digital Age

Bryan Alexander, Jun 20, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Bryan Alexander offers a lukewarm review for this forward-looking book by Google's Jared Cohen  and Eric Schmidt, The New Digital Age. In a way, he says, the book is more about politics than technology. "Put Google and the Department of State together and you have a glimpse of emerging and aspirational American hyperpower: confident, thoroughly global, combining virtual technology with soft and very hard power," he writes. "Or that’s the vision offered by these two authors." Alexander also cites Julian Assange, who writes that the book is "is a startlingly clear and provocative blueprint for technocratic imperialism." He continues, "This book is a balefully seminal work in which neither author has the language to see, much less to express, the titanic centralizing evil they are constructing."

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