How Ten Key Developments Are Shaping The Future Of Technology-Enabled Learning, Jun 16, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Here's the list:

  1. Student Expectations and Requirements Are Changing
  2. Flexibility is Shaping New Ways of Delivering Programs and Courses
  3. Competency-based and Outcome-based Learning Are Growing Quickly
  4. Technology is Enabling New Approaches to Pedagogy
  5. MOOCs are Offering Expanded Routes to the Delivery and Recognition of Learning
  6. Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning Are Changing
  7. Governments are Re-thinking Quality and Accountability
  8. Equity Remains a Challenge, Despite Massification
  9. e-Portfolios Are Emerging as Critical Resources for Students
  10. The Role of the Faculty Member/Instructor is Changing 

The article includes an expanded discussion of each item. The main problem with this article is the same main problem for any listicle: there's no core theme or focus, no argument or overarching explanation. But the content is generally fine.

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