Internet trends: the latest Mary Meeker report

Bryan Alexander, Jun 05, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Analysis of the most recent report from Mary Meeker on internet trends, referenced here Friday. Bryan Alexander notes (among other observations) "Meeker sees speech recognition and voice interfaces going mainstream.  Good reflections here." Inside Higher Ed, unwilling to take any sort of stance, gives us 36 undifferentiated highlights. Ad Week shows restraint and gives us 22 things. Inc. does even better and focuses on 5 things, including slowing internet growth, privacy concerns, and coming changes in search and messaging. Bloomberg has it in one: the slowing internet growth curve. Charles Jennings pull a slide out of the Meeker deck ('Is it a car? Is it a computer?") in his discussion of driving tests ("the driving licence as we know it – a ‘badge’ received for scoring a ‘pass’ in the driving test - is fast becoming an artefact from a bygone era, even though it seems to have been with us forever," he writes). Finally, a brutal brilliant parody video that captures the deck nicely for millennials. 

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