Blackboard’s Online Learning Trend Report

Jon Kolko, Blackboard Blog, May 24, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Some startling but timely reading from Blackboard as their research points to unsettling conclusions about their (and probably other) LMSs. For example (quoted):

  • When students take a class online, they make a tacit agreement to a poorer experience which undermines their educational self worth.
  • Students take more pride in the skills they develop to cope with an online class than what they learn from it.
  • Online classes neglect the aspects of college that create a lasting perception of value.

The report (13 page PDF) says that these negative findings can be used "to craft positive changes for our products." I think that people working with the company would find it refreshing to work where these weaknesses are recognized and are being actively addressed.


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