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The empty brain

Robert Epstein, Aeon, May 18, 2016

Please please please read this. If you do any theorizing about learning at all, or want to explain why good pedagogy works, or anything like that, read this. "We don’t store words or the rules that tell us how to manipulate them. We don’t create representations of visual stimuli, store them in a short-term memory buffer, and then transfer the representation into a long-term memory device. We don’t retrieve information or images or words from memory registers. Computers do all of these things, but organisms do not." If you're reading bout learning and pedagogy and the article contains these concepts, it's made up. Fiction. There's more, so much more. For example: "there is no reason to believe that any two of us are changed the same way by the same experience." And " the uniqueness of each brain, brought about in part because of the uniqueness of each person’s life history." 

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