Dear Mommy Blogger

Josi Denise, May 17, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There's a lot of off-colour language in this post announcing Josi Denise's resignation as a 'mommy blogger'. The full post, though, is worth reading, as it gives us a glimpse of a world in which brands manipulate bloggers and bloggers so whatever it takes to gain readers - and stay in touch with company PR reps. And at a certain level, as this post says, it's all fake. Josi Denise ran her 'mommy blog' since 2013 making money and earning tens of thousands of followers, but finally had a crisis on conscience and abruptly quit. I wonder how much of the edublogosphere is like this? probably not many of the people I follow on a regular basis are, but there's a very large mass of 'teacher bloggers' out there that follow a similar paattern: shill for the vendors, do publicity stunts to attract readers, and maybe even make most of the stuff up. Via Motto, via Ben Werdmuller.

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