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Driving back from a lunch meeting I listened to this interesting program on Spark about LuminAI, a computer program that learns to dance by dancing with you. It does not have dance moves pre-programed into it; rather, it learns through a process of pattern recognition (though the designers did cheat a little bit by giving it a dance repertoire language). What's interesting is not simply the understanding of how to learn without explicit instruction, it's also the idea of humans and AIs learning to work together. “Co-creative artificial intelligence, or using AI as a creative collaborator, is rare,” said Brian Magerko, the Georgia Tech digital media associate professor who leads the project. “As computers become more ubiquitous, we must understand how they can co-exist with humans. Part of that is creating things together.” Additionally, we can see this being a model for future instruction: an AI works with an expect for a period of time, learns what to recognize, then in turn is able to teach by working with novices (or as we called it, 'automated competency detection and recognition').

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