The Increasing Problem With the Misinformed

Thomas Baekdal, Baekdal, May 08, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a long article but an important read. It embodies a lot of the philosophy behind my own work in this newsletter, as well as highlighting the danger that misinformation presents to society as a whole.  This danger is as pervasive in education technology as anywhere else. And it won't improve until we accept the responsibility to inform seriously. This is a task not only for journalists - it is also an imperative faced by educators. Especially educators.

The problem is this: "The political organizations, associations and committees are lying sleazeballs with a staggering score of -40%, and 'other', being the media personalities, are -20%... The 'experts' used by the media are less truthful than the politicians. And you are giving them a voice? No wonder people don't trust the news anymore... You can't just report the news and think that people will trust you. If the people you cover aren't trustworthy, you have to step up and do more. You have to show people what's true and false. You are being dragged down exactly because you don't question the news before reporting it... We don't need journalists who are just reporting what someone else said. That's the old world. Today, we need someone who can analyseexplain and put it into perspective... using unbiased analysis." 

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