Austrade sets target of 110 million MOOC students for Australia by 2025

Tim Dodd, Financial Review, May 01, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm attending an expert meeting on MOOC quality for the Commonwealth of Learning in Malaysia right now, so it was interesting (and yes, amusing) to read about Australia's plans to grab a large share of the MOOC 'market'. The 110 million student represents 10% of the potential market (and 21,900 per cent growth). It may sound crazy, but "International education is already Australia's third-largest export industry, garnering nearly $19 billion in 2015, beaten only by coal and iron ore." You might wonder how Australia can earn money on 'open' learning, but of course online learning has developed into a lucrative market, as witness these courses that Dave Cormier introduced me to this week.

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