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What is the state of the literature in open learning? Is it true that "the good stuff is in the blogs?" David Kernohan undertakes to find out. "If open education blogs do have academic merit," he suggests, "I would expect them to be cited in the more traditional literature" (I don't agree, but I digress). To study this, he looks at blogs from George Siemens, David Wiley, Audrey Watters and Martin Weller (pretty good selection; all are cited frequently here). Using "Harzing's Publish or Perish" he calculates the h-index for each of the four, getting values of 38, 23, 20, and 12 (for comparison, Google Scholar calculates my own h-index at 23). The conclusion? "There is clearly a lot of good stuff in blogs, which is frequently cited by literature that itself is highly cited."

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