The Worrisome Decline of Corporate Blogs

William Comcowich, CyberAlert, Apr 20, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I know that blogging seems to some like a lost art, and I am away that I am expressing my inner curmudgeon when I take to that venerable form, but the fact is that there are are risks, for both myself and for corporations, in taking to social media as the primary means of expression. The foremost among these is the risk that what I write simply won't be read, that it will be swallowed in the maw of the algorithm never to reappear as 'relevant' or 'top'. "Publishing on third-party sites is akin to digital sharecropping because content producers lose control. The third-party websites can change their rules, or even disappear. Brands that hitch their PR and marketing wagons to the wrong social media star assume an enormous long-term risk."

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