What is 'Digital Wellbeing'?

Helen Beetham, HelenB's e-learning blog, Mar 26, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"My work on the experiences of digital students had already led me to question what it means to thrive in a learning environment that is saturated with digital technologies," writes Helen Beetham. And I think the exploration of digital well-being is a good idea. But as is so often the case with educational researchers (maybe social science in general) the primary output is a hierarchy and a taxonomy. This is similar to what we've seen in digital literacy, and it's about as useful. We need to dig deeper. Is there anything about the use of digital technology itself that influences well-being? What are thee linkages? We won't get to it simply by replicating Maslow's hierarchy for the digital space. It's a serious question; let's begin by taking it seriously.

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