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A couple of good articles on SciHub, the service that allows you tom download any academic paper for free (and which is not on the publishers' best-wishes-list). The first item gives fairly specific advice explaining how to download without being detected using the secure browser Tor - "use the Tor Browser and Sci-Hub's onion address, http://scihub22266oqcxt.onion. Onion addresses provide encryption all the way to the destination, and since SciHub uses LibGen's onion address for linking, neither connection can be snooped by the network." Meanwhile the Library Loon covers the list of measures academic libraries might take to stem the continuing leakage of new articles to SciHub. Not that any of these will in the long run be successful; they'll have to rip out SciHub by the roots and begin suing academic readers for large settlements, like they did to Napster. Don't expect the professors to go as quietly as the students.

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