7 Things Higher Education Innovators Want You to Know

Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology, Mar 14, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm not sure exactly who these innovators are, but they're nobody I'm talking to. I don't, for example, see 'education' as being any more measurable than it was. I think it's becoming less measurable, which is a good thing. Nor do I see why we would need a "common definition of college affordability," especially if the only constant in the world of college is change. True, traditional instruction is no longer sufficient for students (it probably never was) but we need more than bland statements like "we need more innovation". And yes, we should take data seriously, but taking data seriously means not being data-driven (because we know that data will drive us straight over a cliff without blinking an eye). Yes we need digital content. But surly this doesn't count as innovation any more, does it? And we don't "need to change the way students think," we need to change the way we think theey should think - and maybe, stop telling them how to think. What I think innovators really want you to know is that you have to get out of the comfort zone of traditional higher education to understand innovation. (p.s. I linked to the printable version of this text, not the web version as I usually do, because I found it annoying to have such a short article spread out over four slow-loading pages. No need for that.

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