We have fetshised 'Leadership', we're all leaders now, rendering the word meaningless

Donald Clark, Donald Clark Plan B, Feb 19, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

A couple posts on leadership, just for fun. "We have fetishised the word 'Leader'," writes Donal Clark. "You're a leader, I'm a leader, we're all leaders now - rendering the very meaning of the word useless." Maybe. Certainly there's a lot of attention paid to "leadership development" - but I have always thought this is because there's a smaller number of them, and they have much bigger budgets to spend. "Leadership training," in other words, is a sort of educational cherry-picking. But Clark sees something deeper: "Using the word 'Leader' creates a sense of us and them. Leaders are now the aristocracy in an organisation, everyone else is a working serf or follower."

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