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You may not know that Amazon already has a significant web presence serving educational needs already. They provide access to tools, they have a grants program, and of course they have a relationship with EdX. Additionally, AWS Educate provides access to online learning IT and cloud professionals. Now, according to education week, Am,azon will launch a new site for open education resources. "The OER that are added to Amazon Inspire will be assigned metadata tags identified through the Learning Registry, a federally sponsored, online information-sharing network. 'All of these groups–Amazon, Microsoft, Edmodo–they’re publishing their platforms on top of the Learning Registry,' explained Marcinek. These tags will contain the information, such as the publisher, location, subject area, and standards alignment of a piece of content, that make it searchable." The Learning Registry is an initiative of the U.S. Military's Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) and the U.S. Department of Education.

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