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Half an Hour, Feb 12, 2016

This course explores the topic of learning in three ways: first, through an examination of research and development issues related to the topic; second, through interaction with a personal learning environment (specifically: LPSS) to take the course; and third, through activities supporting the development of a personal learning environment at a conceptual level.
Course objectives: participants will develop an appreciation of different models of online course delivery, ranging from the traditional LMS through connectivist MOOCs to potential future models of personal learning and performance support.
Course environment: NRC01 Personal Learning will be delivered using OpenEdX and will include text-based content, videos, discussion, and exercises. Participants will be also invited to explore additional learning environments, including the gRSShopper, and Arke prototypes developed by NRC. In addition, participants will be encouraged to explore and work in online environments related to the topics covered in the course and report their findings in the discussion area or their own website. Participants may also be subscribed to a daily newsletter for the duration of the course.

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February 22 – April 8 (7 weeks)

Week 1 – Feb 22 - Learning Through Practice The first week will introduce participants to the online learning environment, exploring the EdX learning environment, and exploring similar MOOC environments that have been developed in the last few years. Main environment: OpenEdX 

Week 2 – Feb 29 – Content Knowledge v Practice In this week we will challenge some of the presumptions about learning embodied in traditional learning management systems. What are the alternatives? We will look for practical examples of online learning outside traditional college and university environments. Main environment: OpenEdX

Week 3 – March 7 – The Case of the cMOOC The concepts and ideas behind the connectivist MOOCs are explored this week, and participants will have the opportunity to explore the gRSShopper content management and distribution system developed to support the first MOOCs. We will examine how connectivist MOOCs employ social networks to facilitate and encourage multiple perspectives to emerge around a single subject or area of enquiry. Main environments: OpenEdX, gRSShopper

Week 4 – March 14 – Personal Learning Environments – a History We look at the concept of the personal learning environment as it developed in the 2000s, examine some relevant PLE projects (PLEx, ROLE), Participants are introduced to the prototype and we examine some core concepts of personal learning: content aggregation and personal cloud. Main environments: OpenEdX,

Week 5 – March 21 – Learning and Performance Support Systems - an Overview Core concepts of the environment are examined, including personal learning records, personal learning analytics. We consider what it means to learn in a personal learning environment, exploring the concepts of competencies and learning objectives. Main environments: OpenEdX,

Week 6 – March 28 – The Personal Learning Assistant In this week we explore the practical application of a personal learning environment. We explore how people connect with each other to share and support learning, how activity records are recorded in third party environments such as NRC's NeuroTouch, and examine how personal learning leads to performance support. Main environments: OpenEdX, or Arke

Week 7 – April 4 – Applications and Extensions What does the future look like for personal learning. In this final week we consider the types of applications and services that could grow around a personal learning environment and think about how personal learning environments could play a wider role in all parts of participants' lives. Main environments: OpenEdX, or Arke

Participants should familiarize themselves by viewing the following presentations:

·         Beyond Instructional Design: Open Spaces and Learning Places

·         The MOOC Ecosystem

·         Design Elements in a Personal Learning Environment


Stephen Downes Stephen Downes is a specialist in online learning technology and new media. He is a leading voice in online and networked learning. He speaks from practical experience both as a college and university teacher and the author of learning management and content syndication software. Through a 25-year career in the field, Downes has developed and deployed a series of progressively more innovative technologies, beginning with multi-user domains (MUDs) in the 1990s, open online communities in the 2000s, and personal learning environments in the 2010s. Downes is perhaps best known for his daily newsletter, OLDaily, which is distributed by web, email, and RSS to thousands of subscribers around the world. As a teacher and designer, he is also known as the originator of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Stephen Downes Stephen Downes, Casselman, Canada

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