Should you #DeleteAcademiaEdu? On the role of commercial services in scholarly communication.

Paolo Mangiafico, LSE Blog, Feb 02, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There are a few interesting things here. One is the recap of last week's controverse du jour in the Chronicle revolving around an email from asking an academic whether he would be willing to pay "a small fee" to publicize his paper. Much outrage and the obligatory hashtag ensued. But that's hardly the real problem with - it's this: "no other uses can be made of what you’ve put there – it’s up to to decide what you can and can’t do with the information you’ve given them, and they’re not likely to make it easy for alternative methods of access.", in other words, is clamping down on " a more competitive marketplace, one where the data is open for any number of potential services (consortial, member-supported, or even commercial) to do interesting and useful things with." Quite so. But what would work? That's the third bit - a link and reference to VIVO, "an open source, open access, community-based, member-supported profile system for academics... VIVO is developing world standards for big data representation of scholarly work, providing a single shared vocabulary for data regarding scholarship." More on VIVO.

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