The race for the master algorithm has begun

Pedro Domingos, Wired, Jan 28, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is all you need to read from this story: "Backpropagation, a brain-inspired learning algorithm that he co-invented, is taking the world by storm. Rebranded as 'deep learning', it's used by Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Baidu for, among other things, understanding images and speech as well as choosing search results and ads to show you." What's interesting is the method dates to the 1980s. See this paper and this chapter for example. This work got me very excited at the time. When I talk of networks of interconnected personal learning environments, this is what I am trying to build, with people. And, btw, the rest of the Wired article can be discarded. There aren't "five major camps" - that's a writer's invention.

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