Presentation Planning

Common Craft, Jan 26, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I studied public speaking in school and became quite good at it, winning four championships in six years. Back then I would memorize my talks, then improvise a bit as I spoke. Later, when I began doing academic presentations, the mode de rigeur was to read the paper to the audience. That was as dull as it sounds (and it's astonishing to see the practice persist still in some academic conferences). All this was before Power Point. With Power Point I could use notes and put them on the screen. I had also by that time read and mastered Winging It by keithe Spicer. So now I could do pretty complex talks without notes. The method outlined in this Common Craft video is similar to what you'll read in the (pre-internet) Spicer book, but with visuals. It's good - if basic - advice. Via Richard Byrne.

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