Centennial College to scrap Saudi training program

Toronto Star, Jan 22, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think all my readers agree that education should be provided to both men and women. This is true even in Saudi Arabia, which has the world's largest women-only university. And though there have been complaints about Canadian colleges offering men-only programs in the middle east, it's worth noting that some  colleges are also conducting parallel women-only programs. That's what Niagara College is doing. Is this the best way to offer learning? Probably not. But people like the premier of Ontario should be careful before declaring it's "unacceptable". They should, at the very least, look in their own back yard, where private institutions like Saint Andrew College operate all-male campuses. Does a $60K tuition make an old-boys network acceptable? Let's not pretend we're so superior.

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