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This is a terrific post. The core message is that "technology change is about people." And Vicki Davis pulls that apart and comes up with seven spot-on observations (mostly my own wording):

  • Innovation is done by people (and not, I would add, processes, forms, reports or measurements)
  • Time is precious, especially for kids
  • The best way to produce innovation is to empower people
  • Spend money on investments, not expenses
  • Invest especially in relationships
  • Invest in yourself - your own learning, your own capabilities
  • Be the device

Sometimes it's tempting to say that if we could only tweak a process, change an organizational structure, or develop a new tool, that we could address all the issues we face. I'm learning that this mostly isn't true (it's a far harder lesson to learn in practice in your 50s than it is to learn in theory in your 30s, and I've done both).

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