The e-health literacy framework: A conceptual framework for characterizing e-health users and their interaction with e-health systems

Knowledge Management & E-Learning: An International Journal, Jan 15, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a paper from a special issue on e-health literacy. I think defining a  framework (20 page PDF) for the topic is a good idea, but I'm not convinced that the following characterization is as useful as it could be: "Seven domains were identified: 1. Ability to process information, 2. Engagement in own health, 3. Ability to engage actively with digital services, 4. Feeling safe and in control, 5. Motivation to engage with digital services, 6. Having access to systems that work, and 7. Digital services that suit individual needs." The first three might be literacies; the last four definitely are not. But it seems (to judge by the literature review) that there has been a bit of a drift in the field regarding what constitutes a literacy. I think the concept map (pictured) from the first workshop held with professionals is probably a better model. But it's a good discussion overall and should help inform wider conversation around the concept of literacy generally.

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