A Minimum Viable Product is an Object for Learning

Tim Kastelle, The Discipline of Innovation, Jan 12, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

If you are involved in development and innovation, you've come across the idea of the minimal viable product (MVP). The idea of the MVP is to find the simplest possible end-to-end test of the concept you're trying to prove, and to roll that out as your first version. As this article notes, it doesn't need to be tech - the organizers in this story assembled a bunch of businesspeople in a room and tested whether among them they could find a use for each others' byproducts. This exchange mechanism became the basis for the application they were developing. But the MVP is also, says Tim Kastelle, a learning resource. "When you combine hypothesis testing with low-fidelity MVPs, you get into the Build-Measure-Learn loop very early in the process."

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