Recognizing personal learning styles and using learning strategies while learning english in an electronic environment

Radka Juřičková, Journal on Efficiency and Responsibility in Education and Science, Jan 11, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'll admit, I'm posting this item mostly to tweak the people who say there are no learning styles. Like here and here. Because if learning styles are so definitively refuted, why do they keep appearing in peer reviewed papers? This item discusses the use of learning styles (the traditional set - visual, auditory, kinesthetic) through the use of recommendations in language learning. Note that in language learning you have to do more than simply parrot back answers on a test in order to pass. In this case, the use of learning styles is linked to motivation. "All possible activities need to be done frequently or as often as possible. Therefore we stress that self-motivation and self-discipline are essential for achieving any possible success in learning a second language."

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