How data matters for school leaders

Eric Ticker, Michael, Susan Dell Foundation Blog, Jan 07, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

On the Dell Foundation blog: "Cortex is a secure, dynamic, web-based platform that brings together instructional tools, digital content through playlists, student goal-setting and feedback, formative assessments, and administration applications... Our Personalized Math program exemplifies this approach." The idea is to promote a type of mastery-learning using student data and analytics to enable students to self-manage their learning. It's based on the the MyWays Framework, which codifies the key competencies to postsecondary success: habits of success, content knowledge, creative know-how, and wayfinding activities. These in turn are reflected in a set of 20 competencies in core areas. Via EdSurge. (As an aside, I find it odd that Cortex is using the depreciated hashbang style link).

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