Education Is Not The Answer (Part 1)

Heather McGowan, LinkedIn, Jan 06, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Presumably there is a part 2 but it's not out yet. No matter; part 1 attracted enough attention to warrant posting. The premise is essentially that we are at the inflection point where we no longer 'store knowledge' by becoming educated, but rather we 'stream knowledge' where our tools provide us with knowledge on an as-needed basis. I hate to be the one who says define your terms but it seems to me that the definition of knowledge is crucial to the argument. Heather McGowan is working with a definition along the lines of 'knowledge as facts and instructions'. But that's naive understanding of knowledge. So, yeah, we have to get beyond our conception of knowledge as 'transfer and storage of facts and instructions'. But we knew that; it didn't take driverless cars to tell us that.

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