Open journals that piggyback on arXiv gather momentum

Elizabeth Gibney, Nature, Jan 05, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

We're beginning to approach the era of post-publication peer review through the use of preprint exchanges such as arXiv and journals that draw from them. These journals are called 'overlay' journals, and essentially what they do is collect the best-reviewed preprints and publish them in an issue of the journal, giving the articles status (and a DOI). See, for example, the Open Journal. "Development of the software that powers the journal's peer-review system was led by Arfon Smith, chief scientist at the popular code repository GitHub... traditional journals and their associated costs are no longer needed in fields such as astrophysics and cosmology, because most researchers already both submit their work to arXiv and read papers on it." There's another platform called episciences, which overlays both arXiv and HAL.

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