The OA Interviews: Toma Susi, physicist, University of Vienna

Richard Poynder, Jan 04, 2016
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Richard Poynder writes, "earlier this year the Research Ideas & Outcomes (RIO) Journal was launched. RIO’s mission is to open up the entire research cycle — by publishing project proposals, data, methods, workflows, software, project reports and research articles. These will all be made freely available on a single collaborative platform." So how well does it work? In this item he interviews Toma Susi, who made the first openly available grant proposal on RIO. He says to Susi, "Writing about your experience you have said that publishing a grant proposal is an “instinctively scary” thing to do." I can believe it. Susi replies, "a fear of being ‘scooped’" is probably the biggest risk. But " if someone does scoop me, at least they have to cite the proposal now:" As for issues, "Figure copyrights were the main issue. I had used several figures from the literature to illustrate my ideas (with the proper citation, of course)." I personally don't see why this wouldn't be considered fair use.

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