New "Arctic Deeply" Site Will Detail The Ramifications Of Melting Sea Ice

Jessica Hullinger, Fast Company, Dec 08, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The utility of a site like Arctic Deeply is that it gives readers a way to visualize a story where even thousands of words might fail. The loss of Arctic sea ice is a great example, and timely. You can say sea ice coverage is at its lowest level ever, but that's meaningless - but actually see the open water on a map, and the reality is direct and visual. The same idea is attempted a bit less effectively in the Syria Deeply website - I wish we would visualize population movements and losses as directly as with the sea ice. But the platform, is maturing, and I see no reason why a service like NewsDeeply couldn't have an impact in education. And maybe we could prevent the need for sites like SyriaDeeply and ArcticDeeply in the first place.

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