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This is a terrific paper that describes and explains connectivism as a learning theory. What I really like is that it demonstrates a deep understanding of connectivism, and recognizes that connectivism thinks of knowledge differently from previous theories. It spends a lot of time on this. "In Connectivism, the structure of the knowledge is described as a network. The network is a set of nodes connected to each other. These relationships/connections may not be seen as a singular link between two nodes. Instead, they are more like patterns: groups of relationships that come together as a single whole. The network is not static; it is dynamic and those patterns may change over time. Learning, according to Connectivism, is a continuous process of network exploration and patterns finding; it is a process of patterns' recognition." So good. So well stated and correct at a deep level. The whole paper is like this. Don't miss it. (p.s. Page 17, should be "fuzzy logic" not "fussy logic" though I love the new terminology!)

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