The usual arguments for competency-based education and why they are invalid

Stephen Krashen, SKrashen, Nov 09, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There's a nice challenge in the headline. Stephen Krashen responds to a post by John Baker in EdSurge describing and defending competency-based education. "Today’s students," writes Baker, "get to move ahead based on what they know, which is better for the student, more efficient for the institution and provides real, positive social and economic change." But, says Krashen, "The 'personalization' offered by CBE is limited to what can be done on a computer." Also, "Not mentioned in the current discussions of CBE is the lack of research supporting it." You can see more of this line of reasoning at the UnitedOptOut blog. I get the sense that a lot of the opposition to competency-based learning is based on the fact that the opponents really don't like the proponents very much. I wish opponents would articulate their opposition on educational and scientific criteria, not social and political.

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