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Michael Muchmore, PC Magazine, Nov 05, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I haven't looked at the Browser Wars for a long time now because there really hasn't been any point, but today there's as much diversity in browser choices as there has ever been, so the topic is worth a visit. My browser of choice continues to be Firefox, and it was actually a bit surprising to me that it won this comparison. It doesn't perform well on Windows 10 (no surprise there) and the browser continues to perform poorly when actual downloads are in progress (well, OK, it freezes). But it still has more zip than Chrome and OperaInternet Explorer is a lost cause, but Microsoft's new Edge browser is fast and efficient - too bad it wastes all that power on advertising, which can't be turned off (I use it for Netflix and MLB on slow connections, though, because Firefox can't handle them on Windows 10). Something new to me is the Maxthon cloud browser, which I ran for the first time today. It blocks all ads and comes with a built-in feed reader, a 'passport' (which looks like it will support transactions), and a lovely left-side toolbar. I might be using it soon! Get it here.

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