Writing for Visual Thinkers: Narrative Structures

Andrea Marks, Graphics, Oct 15, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm including this item just to tweak the learning-styles-sceptics out there. This item has nothing to do with learning styles per se but the appeal to 'visual thinkers' comes straight from the same theory. And the question I pose here is, is the distinction drawn here nonsense: "A traditional linear narrative structure typically depends on a page-to-page reading for comprehension. A nonlinear narrative allows for the reader to move independently throughout a piece, often creating new meanings from discovering connections." I don't think it is. And I observe some people who must carefully proceed step by step through a process (a recent furniture salesperson was a classic example) and others to whom a linear process is anathema. Something to ponder (in a linear or non-linear way, whichever you prefer).

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