Crypto 2.0 and DAWCs: Dawn of Decentralized Autonomous Workers Councils.

Rob Myers, Humanity+, Oct 14, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is related to the case of Colony, which I posted about earlier this week. Colony is one instance of whaat this article calls 'decentralized autonomous workers councils'. "Workers’ Councils are a Liberatarian Socialist system of organization. Rather than implementing Soviet-style centralized command economies, workers councils are decentralized and democratic. Workers in a particular workplace decide what their objectives are then appoint temporary (and instantly revocable) delegates to be responsible for them. Workplaces appoint representatives to local councils, local councils appoint representatives to regional councils, and so on, always temporarily and revocably. It is a system of face to face socialisation and political representation rather than top-down control."

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