ECTEL2015 Mon a.m. (1): Lisa Marie Blaschke Keynote

Doug Clow, New Technolopgy in Higher Education, Sept 19, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I talk a lot about personal learning (and have for a very long time). But I have to be clear that there is also a tradition in self-determined learning, under the name of heutagogy, which has been around since the early 2000s. Here's Lisa Marie Blaschke: "The heutagogical approach can be viewed as a progression from pedagogy to andragogy to heutagogy, with learners likewise progressing in maturity and autonomy. More mature learners require less instructor control and course structure and can be more self-directed in their learning." Doug Clow summarizes Blaschke's keynote at ECTEL 2015. "More institutions are moving towards learning-centred learning and competency-based education. It’s a powerful combination with Web 2.0 Affordances." Here's a really good bibliography of heutagogy.

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