Problematizing the inclusion agenda in higher education

Denise Wood, Sept 13, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

There are problems with this article (why would you name the funder in the abstract? Why refer to pedagogical approaches to engaging all students with “difference” ('difference' being in quotation marks)?). And I don't get the need to "problematize the inclusion approach". The 'theoretical framework' seems like a hodge-podge of randomly assembled models ('biopsychosocial model of diversity', actor-network theory, ethics of care, usability and personalization, and of course "criticisms of neoliberal inclusive education approaches to managing diversity"). But beyond the verbiage is the essential point that we should take care to address diverse needs through support for personal learning. And you don't need a whole bunch of theoretical frameworks for that, just some common sense and sound design principles.

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