Learning Styles, Mindsets, and Adaptive Strategies

Matt Bury, matbury.com, Aug 14, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a really nice contribution in support of the concept of learning styles that reinterpretings it away from the 'fixed mindset' model, where styles are more like innate properties of a person, and toward a 'growth perspective', where learning styles can change and develop as a person matures. Matt Bury points to the oft-noted distinction between how experts learn as compared to novices. "Rather than being psychometric tests which diagnose our intrinsic personality traits, learning styles preferences can be better understood as indicators of our levels of cognitive development within particular domains of knowledge." And clearly, we would not want to teach the expert the same way we teach a novice (not even with direct instruction!) and worse, we would not want to teach the novice the way we teach experts.

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