Open peer review at Collabra: Q&A with UC Press Director Alison Mudditt

Richard Poynder, Aug 14, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Richard Poynder looks at an open-access open-review journal called Collabra, launched by the University of California Press earlier this year. Authors have the option of having paper reviews signed and published alongside the paper (as an aside, this would make me much more attentive as a reviewer; also, what would be fun would be to see the rejected papers with reviews). Interviewee UC Press Director Alison Mudditt says, "Speaking on behalf of UC Press (I’m not sure it’s appropriate to speak as 'Collabra' in this context), we think that the inner workings of the peer review process are, purely and simply, interesting for any reader, but in particular for people who would like to see more transparency in this process." Agreed.

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