A few random thoughts on Cecil, @bittman, and chickens

Steve Krause, Aug 05, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

According to Mark Bittman in Vox, eating a factory-farmed chicken is morally worse than the killing of Cecil the Lion. As Steve Krause points out, there's a difference between killing for food and fillingfor sport, and a difference between killing an animal on the verge of extinction and one which numbers in the gazillions. But still - I think we should take this argument further. If the killing of Cecil the Lion morally worse than spending $3,000 on a prosthetic limb for a chicken? I think this is a much harder question. But also: was it morally worse than the wanton destruction of a hitch-hiking robot? Alan Levine makes a joke of it, but one wonders what it says when a robot that safely hitched across Canada did not even make it off the east coast in the U.S. To my mind, I think it was the tone he took - sympathizing more with the hunter than with the hunted.

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