Instagrads: What It's Like To Spend All 4 Years Of High School On Instagram

Sarah Kessler, Fast Company, Jun 29, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think that the single greatest thing about Instagram - and about the internet generally - is that it breaks through the barriers that would normally keep you apart from other people. "Maybe the jocks don’t talk to all of the theater and band people," says Kelsey Bageant, another student at Musselman. "They might not know them at all, but they all follow them on Instagram, just because they all go to the same school." We hear sometimes about how the internet pushes people to associate only with their own group (a phenomenon called 'homophily') but my experience is that it's the opposite. People cling together in clans in real life, and cross paths with people of different cultures and beliefs online. P.S. I also identify with the photo-a-day thing.

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