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Some stuff on analytics. In this item, a 'deep learning' machine is reported to have beaten humans in IQ tests. Well, some humans. “To our surprise, the average performance of human beings is a little lower than that of our proposed method,” they say. Also, in an online lecture, Timothy McKay describes what can be learned by analysing students' revisions to their essays. Technology Review also describes a study showing how Google 'deep learning' has taught a computer to read. In this case it's able to cluster words by studying articles from the Daily Mail and the short synopses unrelated authors write about them. Here are four (very superficial) lessons about Google's deep learning program. Finally, Foreign Affairs on the limits and dangers of big data. "If algorithms represent a new ungoverned space, a hidden and potentially ever-evolving unknowable public good, then they are an affront to our democratic system, one that requires transparency and accountability in order to function."

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