How to Fix a Racist Frat

Kate Dries, Jezebel, Jun 04, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This story (a must read!) is about racist American fraternities, but its themes are limited to neither racism nor the United States. "Racism among Southern Greek organizations—or in Greek organizations across America, or American organizations in general—comes down to people; people who want power, people who want their lives to stay the same, people who let a group mentality corrupt their lives. To get anything to change, you’d have to get thousands of college kids to band together and demand it—college kids who, by nature of their designation, are only inclined to care about their community in a whole-hearted way for a brief period of time. 'It’s all tribal, it’s all pageantry. It’s people trying to freeze-dry cultural aspects of their life,' Greg told me. It’s working." I've written about this before, at length. But schools and educators love their groups.

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