Video is the New Text...Hmmm!

Will Thalhaimer, May 13, 2015
Commentary by Stephen Downes

"Video is here to stay," writes Will Thalhaimer. "As of this day in 2015, more and more elearning is utilizing good video; but still more can be done." Maybe so, and of course there's nothing like a good engaging instructional video - TED and Khan Academy were successful for a reason. But I also find that a lot of the time when I click on a link and find it's a video, I move on very quickly. Video requires an investment from the viewer in terms of time and attention. It draws you in, but at the same time it turns off your critical filters. I don't think video is the new text. Nothing is the new text. Even text is not the new text. It all blurs together in a mélange of media we have to see as a whole new thing, not a replacement of old things.

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